Sunday, December 19, 2010

How To Destroy Democracy!!!!

It is very easy if you are a Democrat.

1 Elect a liberal for president.

2 Give him whatever he asks for.

3 Pass laws that bind the hands of any opposition.

4 Destroy the credibility of all opposition.

5 Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your corruption.

6 Blame the Republicans for anything that goes wrong.


Monday, December 13, 2010


Fried Green Tomatoes

Slice the tomatoes, dip in buttermilk, dredge in cornmeal then fry in hot oil a few at a time. When fried put onto a paper towel in the preheated oven to keep warm.

Are they worth doing? Not really, but they are a good conversational thing to know about.

Raw cubed green tomatoes with a little chopped onion, some vinegar, a drop of hot sauce and some salad oil make a nice condiment or an addition to a hamburger. When I worked at Sequoia National Park one summer, one of the janitors I worked with had been a cook with a circus and this was his recipe.

If you grow dill, you should harvest the seeds by hanging the heads that form, in a paper bag to catch the seeds. They can be used in your cooking as a flavoring, but go lightly as they are pretty strong and some people, like your mother, don’t like the flavor.

Purple salvia is a very pleasant little flower to grow as an edging along the sides of your lawn or even along the edges of your garden. The aren’t something to eat, just a hardy little color.

Here are some other flowers you might like to try as they are all eay to grow and are pleasant to see.

Margarite daisies



To quick peel tomatoes, score with a knife from top to bottom on four sides, then dip into boiling water for a moment, plunge into cold water, then peel. They improve any salad.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

From Hunger With Love

My wife has a book that belonged to her grandmother when she was a girl that has an interesting idea, “Now that grain is selling at ten cents a bushel there will no longer be any reason for hunger.

In 1974 Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State at the World Conference in Rome stated “No child will go hungry to bed within ten years.”

Thirty-five years latter the UN Food Summit in Rome said that one billion people will go to bed hungry. What happened to the grain crop?

Seventy percent of people with dementia suffer from Alzheimer a type of dementia, fifty five percent of people over fifty five have dementia. Where do you stand? Me? I am against it.

They have found that high levels of Homocysteine usually lead to Alzheimer.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Economic Equality and Multiculturalism

The Left Wings two dreams, Economic Equality and Multiculturalism. The premise demands that human expression and lifestyles must be treated equally and should be considered value free.

For example; Mayan science was as good as European science and that we should all share in the wealth equally, no matter how much we each contribute.

This is a great idea if you haven’t accomplished anything.


Do you ever ask yourself the question, “which stocks should I buy?” If this is a concern, let me make a suggestion.

Start with the purchase of ten shares of one of the seventeen most purchased stocks and put them into a Dividend Reinvestment Plan, usually referred to as a DRIP plan.

My first pick was Standard OIL of New Jersey, now called Exxon/Mobil. My first purchase was of ten shares.

It grows over the years with the drip plan.

Why You Need to Vote

In a recent poll, likely voters responded to the question,  What do you see as the biggest threat to the US  economy?

Big government. 53%

Big business. 31%

Big labor. 11%

I don’t know, or there is nothing wrong with the economy. 5%

I personally believe that the economy can be repaired, once we vote out the main threat, President Obama.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Denmark 1949

In the year 1948, just before Christmas, I was rushing through the Administration Building on the way to our car and I glanced at one of the signs posted on the bulletin board. I don’t think I was really too interested, but when I got home I asked Barbara how she would like to go to Switzerland to school. She told she would love to. We talked about it and the following Monday I went back to school and found that the sign was Scandinavia, not Switzerland. When I told her, she said, great lets go to Denmark. So the following summer we did, and what a wonderful year we had attending the Universities at Copenhagen and Aarhus and it was an unforgettable year for us.

My purpose in telling you this is that if you have the chance to travel while you are young,  do it, it will change your whole perspective on the world and your life. Best of all, you will love it and you will find things about you that you didn’t dream you were capable of doing.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Save the Birds

California legislators pass a law to force companies to get twenty percent of their power from renewable sources by the end of this year and reduce them by one third by the year 2020.

Environmentalists say windmills kill birds and should not be built, that means solar power only. I wonder where the politicians get most of their funds, could it be solar power firms?

Global Warming

Obama’s new proposal to solve global warming is called, “Cap and Trade.” This is just about as dumb as you can get and does nothing to solve global warming, but gives the Demoncraps a whole new way to get donations.

The idea is that you can pollute as much as you desire as long as you buy credits from non-polluting companies.

I hope to set up a company that doesn’t pollute, doesn’t do anything and then sell my non-pollution credits to polluters. My only questions are how do I set up this company and how much will you invest?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Government Help

Can the government solve our problems?

I suppose it is possible, but what will be the costs?

It costs the government (us) 1.14 cents to produce a penny, that is hardly a bargain.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Panama Canal

We just back from out trip through the Panama Canal and beyond, what a great trip this was. Our daughter Jen and her husband Tim came with us and this made it special for us. They had a cabin next to ours which made it very convenient. This made it possible to have two methods of communication, knock on the bulkhead or use the telephone. They took care of all of the details, arranged and supervised every event and saw that we had nothing to worry about, which made it very relaxing.

The Panama Canal was a great experience and one that I had looked forward to for many years, I was not disappointed. It is spectacular and you really can see it from the ship.

All of the trip was a wonderful experience and to top it off we met a lot of very nice people, which of course meant we enjoyed our meals. Most of our dinners were spent with Fred and Mary from Ohio, a very nice couple.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Do you think that the voters will ever realize that any money they get from Washington is just a small part of their own money given back to them, minus very, very, extreme costs to them? “Never!” You answer? Unfortunately you are probably correct.

Is there a solution? Of course, but you don’t want to hear it, do you?

Let Freedom Ring!

Russia, One hundred people marching in a demonstration to protest the politics of the government are arrested, it seems the government doesn’t like any opposition.

I suppose you Demoncrats hope your cherished leader will show the same boldness and arrest all Republicans.

So much for all Obamamaniacs!!!!

Choice of Mate.

        When you look in a mirror, you naturally see yourself, so it seems to me that after a few years you accept that what you see is really okay, or of course the opposite could also happen in which case you are in real trouble. Eventually you see yourself as the norm from which you evaluate others you see. If you are black, black becomes the base color, if brown, then brown and so on. This accounts for our inherent differences in how we view each other. I remember once watching another person looking at himself in the mirror in what appeared to be total approval, while I thought he was rather gross. He had rather a large stomach, but he was patting it and turned sidewise to view it and he was smiling as if he thought it was handsome. When I was appointed as principal at Stockton, most of the children were black and on my first day I wondered if I would ever be ever be able tell the children apart, as they all appeared to look alike to me. However, in a very short time I wondered why I had ever thought that way. One day one of the children asked me if I was a teacher or the principal, he said, “all you white people look alike to me.” As they saying goes, what goes around, comes around and so it is.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Saddest Day

The saddest day in the life of any politicians is the day he discovers he can make more money being a politician than he can make, as a productive citizen.

HIV President


Here is a title for our president, “HIV President.” Under previous administration people with HIV were excluded from coming to the USA, Obama plans on lifting the ban.

It is wonderful to have a president who looks out for all of us.

Besides, it gets him a few more votes.

Real Money

Between the years 1557-1696 Spain used coins that were made of gold or silver that had a monetary value equal to the value of the metal they were made of, while the rest of the world adopted a representative type of coin or paper.

Pisa Italy had seven types of money they used.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Book Keeping

For those of you who are not aware of the terminology of accountants, double entry is made by putting an entry in both the debit and credit side of the ledger.

Rosetta Stone

July 1799 French soldiers discovered the Rosetta Stone. The value was that it had three scripts on it written in Hieroglyphics, Egyptian and Greek, this allowed them to decipher the Hieroglyphics and the Egyptian since they could read the ancient Greek. The Rosetta stone contained a decree by the priests of Ptolemy. Jean-Francis Champillion was the main decipherer.


A government can only give you money that they have taken away from you or someone else.

If you don’t use Tylenol, don’t use it. It contains acetaminophen which will eventually cause you to have kidney failure.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I saw a post in the newspaper that said’ “Serena Williams wins her fifth Australian Open Title and her twelfth Grand Slam Title.”

Maybe someone should give her a  blood test to see if she has been taking male steroids.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rules to Live By!


Waste not, want not!

A penny earned is a penny saved.

Never buy anything on impulse, or think twice before you buy. Ask yourself. Do I really need this, or is it only something that I think I need? An example of this might be an umbrella in San Diego. I have one that I have yet to use.

Employment Stability

Ms Herschmiller, a Kindergarten teacher at Johnson Elementary School in San Diego, has received a layoff notice every year for the six years she has taught.

Hindu Saying

Raising a daughter is like watering your neighbors garden.

Smoking is Worse Than Throat Slashing.

Pub owner Nick Hogan was fined 10,000 pounds and sent to jail for six months when he refused to pay the fine for allowing his customers to smoke. In contrast, a Brighton woman was sentenced to two months in jail for terrorizing a council house and slashing a tenant with a razor.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Public or Private

For many years I have wondered why some public school teachers put their own children in private schools? Is it because they think that most of the other teachers are as bad as they judge themselves to be, or is it that they don’t think they are as good as they believe they are? Either case, I think they should be fired, because if you don’t believe in what you are doing, you really can’t do a good job.

I went to public schools,as did all of my family. Why? Because, that is where you get the best education. With the exception of the nuns who teach for religious reasons most of the other  private school teachers are usually people who weren’t able to get a job in public schools, which have a much better pay scale. Private schools also give children a warped view of life as most of the children who are slightly different, have a different religion or set of beliefs are usually excluded, so the private school student doesn’t have contact with a large segment of society. They probably miss some of the most interesting people.

Now we have many politicos who do the same thing. They put their children in private schools, but claim they support our public schools. It is really sad we elect such double faced idiots to office. Do as I say, not as I do, is their motto.

Why don’t we get some brains and start electing people who really walk the walk and don’t just give us lip service.

Let us start by asking each person who runs for public office which public schools they, their wives and their children either attend or attended.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Our Failing Schools

Politicians love to attack our school system to further their own personal goals. Yet are, our school systems really failing? Actually I would say no, but then they must be, or how could we possibly have people like we now have as our leaders? Can you imagine any well educated person voting for someone who has as little little background in life , poor judgment or lack of experience as Obama has, simply because he gave one good speech over and over again? A speech that he copied from a previous president. Yes, it is believable it if you are a Democrat, after all, your parents probably voted for Roosevelt and Kennedy.


An article in Parade Magazine asked; Can Diet Affect Depression?

It goes on to say, “people who regularly consume fish, fruit and vegetables reduce the chances of suffering from depression.”

This may be true, because the type of person who eats like that, probably is a sane, well regulated person and has control over many aspects of his/her life. I wonder if the writer ever considered that people who eat a diet like that were probably not suffering from depression in the first place? Maybe, that is why they ate like that.

If depression is as simple as to be caused by a chemical imbalance, I doubt very much that diet will correct it unless you know which chemicals are causing your problem and can correct that through what you eat. I believe that is what doctors try to do. However, I think depression is far more complicated than a chemical imbalance and It must start way back in time with the person that suffers. Perhaps the person can’t handle it himself/herself and must seek professional help.

Face Covers,

Oumeima Naceri a 19 year old Muslim said when confronted for covering her face, “not wearing a face-covering is asking us to go naked in public” others may well have said. “Thank God!Now I can join the human race and not be an object of scorn and ridicule.”

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It May Not Be What It Seems!

It has been found that some of the clothing bins you see around the city, with well known charity names on them, are actually owned by used clothing stores that pay the charities for the use of their names. Solution? Call the charity of your choice for pick-up days, or take them in yourself.


I have been reading about the devastation in Haiti from the earthquake and I was reminded of the Long Beach earthquake of the 1930s. I lived in Lynwood which was just north of Long Beach and Compton which were both really demolished. All of the brick buildings in Lynwood were destroyed, schools, stores and churches. The buildings that were made of wood and plaster came through with some damage, but most were still usable. The businesses of Compton moved to a large semi-permanent building that had been used as a summer home for the circus. Each business had a small area where they set up their stores until they could rebuild. It was like a large carnival for the kids, I remember it quite exciting to wander the lanes between the stores.

After the earthquake my brother Bill and I took our wagons uptown Lynwood and picked up bricks from the street and brought them home, where we chipped off the cement and stacked them and the others were used over the years. At that time, we all burned our own trash, none of us had heard about global warming yet, as Al Gore hadn’t discovered it yet. Interestingly, the school I attended appeared to be undamaged, but it wasn’t considered earthquake safe, so it was condemned and torn down. We went to classes in old army tents for several years until it was rebuilt over the old foundation. One time I  found a vent that could be opened and I crawled  under the new building and found the original old stairs to the rear entrance that they had just left where they were and built around them. After that when I wanted peace and quiet, I would crawl under the building and sit on the bottom step. There were two vents close by that gave ample light and it was very quiet, if school was out. I didn’t share my discovery with anyone and as far as I know, no one else knew about the entry as I wouldn’t open  it if anyone was around and as soon as I entered I closed it. I found out early in life that the only secret that remained a secret was one that only you knew. I think it is safe for me to divulge this now, since I am not going back.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Chicken Wings.

Something I could never figure out is why some people with a little bit of intelligence would believe that a chicken bone with a minimum of meat, but with lots of skin was a treat. I am talking about wings of course. I have always found them disgusting, even with adobo sauce. Give me a breast with the skin removed and I will eat it, otherwise, I prefer white breast of turkey with cranberry sauce.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Places to Go


There are so many places I want to visit and so little time left to do it. My suggestion on this and actually your life?”

Do it while you are young. Barbara and I spent the second year of our married life going to school in Denmark, then the following summer, traveling in Europe and Italy. Our only mistake was to come home before we had seen the world. We should have kept going until we had been everywhere. If you are young and unencumbered, travel now. I realize your first response will be that you can’t afford it. Think again! You can’t afford to not do it while you are young enough to appreciate it. Soon you will be married, have a flock of kids and then it will be too expensive or too late. There are lots of ways to do it. Plenty of schools throughout the world that are looking for low cost teachers from the USA to teach English to students and will give you room and board with plenty of time to explore. There are also opportunities to act as tour guides and to get openings that way. A church member from our churchy who is single plans tours with a travel company and takes parties of ten or more church members on tours every summer all over the world and goes free as a tour guide. You might even join the Navy if if you are desperate, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Join the Marines and save your money, then take a trip. You could get a job, live with you parents, save all your money, then go on  trip. Get a job on a cruise ship that will give you time off in the various ports. Just be creative and travel,l you won’t regret it.



What a come down from George Washington our first president, to Barack Obama our forty third president.

Washington didn’t want to be president, but finally accepted it to help his country.

Obama had the reverse motivation. He wanted it more than anything else in his life for his own benefit and would have done anything to get it.

Friday, February 26, 2010


It probably seems to you that we all must be obsessed with the word crisis as we want to use it so often. However, I think I would like to tell you my take on the so-called-financial-crisis now being discussed on the news.

I don’t believe there really is a crisis at this time. I think most of us are doing fine and if Obama would leave the banks alone and let the weak sink and the strong take over, it would correct itself, just as it always have. It is when the Washington clueless enter the picture that we begin to have trouble. However, if there really is some kind of crisis, it was caused by the media and the administration of Obama-mania who apparently doesn’t understand the basic fundamentals of finance taught by most parents to their children. “If you have it, save it, if you don’t have it, don’t spend it, if you can survive without it, you don’t need it.”Or as Ben Franklin put it, “a penny earned is a penny saved” and I would add, a penny saved will soon be a dollar in the bank if you have any “cents.”

When I was about ten I saw an advertisement for the Compton Savings and Loan that said they paid 3 and 3/4 percent on money you deposited in a new account,at our local bank paid they only 1and1/2 percent. I rode my bike to the S&L and the clerk wouldn’t let me open an account, the manager came over and told me I needed my an adult to open the account. I asked my mother to go with me, which she did and helped me open the account. When I was in high school I went to his home with his son and he remembered me. I was quite surprise, but he told me they didn’t get many ten year old trying to open a bank account so he had remembered me.

How to Become Wealthy!

It is really quite simple if you start when you are young. Save your money. I mean all of your money. Don’t buy it unless it is absolutely something you must have to survive. Start with the pennies, turn them into larger denominational coins, then bills and then put them to earning interest. Put them in a bank or savings and loan at better interest then when you have enough, buy some stock in one of the major companies such as oil, banking, industry, communications, or whichever one suits your desire. Exxon was the first company I bought, then Bank of America, Safeway, and gradually I bought into seventeen companies at which point I felt I was fully diversified. I have added to the portfolio by reinvesting all dividends. I sat goals for all my shares, first was to get ten shares, then thirty, next fifty and so on until I had a hundred of each company. Incidentally I am still not here yet so don’t get discouraged. I intend to get very close before long.

The way I picked companies was to find the one that I recognized, knew and that I thought was the best in their industry. I wasn’t always correct, for example I didn’t  buy Cargill, because I had never heard of it, yet now I wonder where I was living? Cargill is certainly now one of the top ones on my list.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beware of Blonds!

Xiang Gao MD at Harvard made a study of Parkinson’s disease and found that blonds have A 60% higher risk for the disease than dark haired people.

Do you suppose there is something in the bleach that causes Parkinson?

Want Long Life?

Marry a girl after she has a Masters Degree. It has been found that men who married a woman with just a high school education have a 25% higher risk of dying than a man who marries a woman with a higher level of education. It doesn’t specify what higher level, but why take the chance. Go for the gold. Find one with a Masters or a Doctors degree and live a long and happy life. Besides, she will earn more.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Looking for Stock?

Perhaps you might consider one of the drug companies that makes drugs for diabetics as diabetes cases are expected to double in the next twenty five years. There are 23.7 million estimated patients today and by 2034 they expect there will be 44 million people with diabetes.

Borrow More, Pay Less

The Obama administration is considering borrowing money from the Chinese Government to pay for some of his spending spree.

Now that is really the way to get our country moving again.

Only a demoncrat* could believe that a government can borrow its way to wealth.

Besides borrowing, he wants to raise the debt limit again. Why bother, just throw it out. It didn’t mean anything to Bush, why should it bother Obama?

The Chinese love us and will be happy to become our landlords.

*Sometimes Democrat


The Pakistani army reported that Hakimullah Mehsud was killed, but they also believe that the dead Osama Bin Laden is still alive.

While this may seem unimportant, the fact is, that no matter whether one is dead or another is not, makes very little difference. The Taliban will just find another insane leader to lead them, as long as the Taliban is alive. Could we wipe out the Taliban? I could answer that, but you wouldn’t like my method.


Why do People go into Politics?

Did you ever wonder why anyone would subject himself to such distain and ridicule as a person often gets when he runs for a political office? I suppose one reason is that they may had once held an office while they were in school or possibly been a part of a political campaign that makes them feel they know the ropes.  Possibly they think that they are somehow different and everyone will love them. I think the last reason fits Obama. He didn’t realize that there were a lot of us out there who wouldn’t  believe he was Mr. Wonderful.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Nonsense

Yesterday was Saturday, February 20, 2010 or 2/20/10

Today is Sunday, February 21, 2010 or 2/21/10,

What I am waiting for is October 10th. 10/10/10. I think it should be a holiday, because 11/11/11 is more than a year away. Actually, everyday is a holiday for me, so what am I talking about?

I love numbers like that, they have a certain symmetry.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Americans are twice as likely to express prejudice against Muslims as they are against Christians, Jews or Buddhists. Two thirds of them also say they don’t know much about Islam,, but still a majority dislike the faith.

President Obama wants to improve our image of the Muslim world. Why?



I have heard people say they love the scent of new mown hay. Have you ever wondered if they love the scent of old mown hay?

I’ll tell you something I do know about old mown alfalfa. The scent of old mown alfalfa is just a lot of dust when it it pitch-forked up onto to a wagon and you are in charge of packing it for transporting to the barn.


Betrayal often seems to have the same ripple effect that you get when you throw a rock into a pond, the waves seem to go on forever.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Change is Inevitable.

It seems that we are facing a time of rapid change in our lives. Maybe President Obama made a bad choice when he ran on the concept of change, because now he is stuck with it. A problem he may be facing is that the public is calling for a change from the policies that he has introduced and possibly a change of presidents at the end of his term. So much for change. However, having said that, let me protect myself by saying he has one major advantage over his opponent, he is a Democrat and most voters tend to vote their party. I know you think you are an independent and vote for the man. Baloney, you vote for the party of your choice like everyone else, the only difference is that sometime in the distant past you voted for a candidate of the opposition party, so you think you now think you are an  independent. If by some small wonder you believe you do vote for the man, please tell me where you get the information? From his or hers website? That is certainly a reliable source.

The problem Obama has created for himself was his own doing in that he not only kept some of the people from the Bush administration as his advisors, but he embraced the same old worn-out policies, that didn’t work for Bush and probably won’t work for him.                                         

Are you looking for a pet? I haven’t checked this out, but I read about two sites for people who are looking for dogs or cats. If you do use one of them please let me know how well it worked for you. ( and

I have heard people say that they love the scent of new mown hay. I wonder if anyone loves the scent of old mown hay?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Schools Will be Saved!!

Thank goodness, at last we have a Superintendent of Public Instruction who really understands the problems with our schools and how to fix them.

It is the teachers fault and here are his solution.

1. Strengthen teacher-student relationships.

2. Address perceptions of bias.

3. Improve the general climate of a school.

4. Print a new workbook for teachers.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Problem


Often when you hear a Politician give a speech, you can expect that sometime during his speech he will say something about our broken schools. If you wonder why, it is simple and what he really means, but would never ask is this. “How could someone as dumb as I am expect to be elected to office, if the schools were really doing their jobs?”

Black History Week

This week we will be celebrating Black History week.

That is really great, because I think colors are very important. Can you imagine a world without color?

My suggestion is that the following week we should celebrate blue History week, that will be followed by brown, yellow, orange, blue, pink, green, red and so on until we have celebrated all of the colors except magenta.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


         Since our own economy has tanked, it seems inevitable that the Chinese who continue to have a growing economy, will either own us, or control us unless we start to act now. Since 1978 China has been engaged in trying to catch up with the west, but with the west now in decline, this may happen faster than you expect. President Obama, the benighted* leader of our dysfunctional political system must wake up to what is happening, get his mind off universal healthcare and focus on getting out of the way of our floundering economy so that society can correct the problem. When banks stabilize and people feel secure things will once again start to straighten out. He should realize that China is there, breathing down our necks.

First of all, he must cut spending, all pork should be vetoed by him, from both parties and the “Budget” balanced. He should try to work across party lines, but don’t get upset when Porky Pig Senators from both sides try to sabotage his agenda. Next, he should let the private sector take care of the economy. It has worked before and will work again, if he will only let it function the way it can. Underperforming banks should be either taken over by larger banks or allowed to die. When the ship is sinking the strong will survive and possibly save a few, but the weak may drown, let the weak banks go if they can’t make it. after all, most of us have probably bought something that was not of any use to us.

*I saw this phrase in the “Economist” and just had to use it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Very little of anything according to surveys made by principals of schools. Most parents, when they actually go to school and talk with their child’s teacher come away from the meeting feeling very good a bout the teacher. The best part about it is the students who are having problems, usually feel that the teacher is trying to help their child and feel good about their school.

Once when I was at a PTA meeting a father began to tell me how awful the educational system is in the United States. I asked him what he thought I should do about it and his answer was; “ I don’t mean this school, this school has great teachers, I mean all of the other schools.”

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hidden Agenda

When I read what some of our government employees have to say about different subjects, I tend to wonder how they ever were elected. I suppose they are masters at hiding their own ignorance and anything they don’t want you to know about them. This is not the problem of one party, it is most elected officials.The new GOP leader in the Assembly has found the key to job creation. He said that the President should keep job creation as his number one job. What about the war in Afghanistan, the economy? Instead he thinks he should focus on jobs. “Jobs here, jobs now, jobs first.” Since when can the government create jobs, unless it is something like the WPA or the CCC? Of I forgot, they can hire more interns. Just don’t let Bill Clinton in on it. Obama’s amazing turn around.“I can do it without the Republicans.” Now he says, “We must take our time and finalize healthcare and it must be bipartisan . That is ominous, what does he mean by finalize? Destroy what is now in place, because that is what a government plan will do. We have a great system right now and don’t need any government intervention. Recently I became really sick during the night and called an ambulance, they were here within ten minutes and took me to the hospital of my choice. Medicare and AARP paid for all of it. What more could I have wanted?

Let me share some things that happened to me at the hospital the first time I went. I arrived on a stretcher and they took me right into a room to wait for the doctor. The next time they wanted the stretcher, so I had to sit in the guest waiting room. After about half an hour I went to the window and asked the girl how long I would have to wait and she told me about four hours. I left the window, then after a few minutes I went back. I told her I was sick and was going home so I could go back to bed. She told me to come in and put me in a room to wait for a doctor. The lesson is obvious, “act now.”

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cell phones and other ideas

Talking on your cell phone while driving, even hands free, makes you four times more likely to have a accident.

General Motors is abounding the Saturn brand. 

In 1974 Henry Kissinger who was then Secretary of State at the First World Conference in Rome said “No child would go to bed hungry within 10 years.” He was basing this upon hoped for world trade agreements that never developed.

Thirty five years latter at the United Nations Food Summit in Rome it was reported that one billion people will go to bed hungry. I wonder where the grain went?

This reminded me of a book that Barbara’s mother had when she was a girl that declared something similar. “World hunger will no longer exist now that the price of a sack of grain has reached ten cents a  bag. His theory was now everyone could have a  bowl of cooked cereal and a loaf of bread. That was enough for anybody.



It is interesting to see the changes in our president’s attitude. He was going to do it all himself, but might take some help from the democrats. He didn’t need to consult, or even to talk with republicans. Now he suddenly realizes he needs help if he is going to get anything done. So much for arrogance.

I suppose we should help him before he completes his destructive takeover of the banks. What a mess he is creating in his trying to fix the economy. It is very difficult to change people without their cooperation if they don’t want to change.

Even cats and dogs have their own minds.


55 percent of people 55 or older suffer from dementia, which is developed due to uncontrolled high blood pressure. Unfortunately, if you don’t do something about high blood pressure the high levels of homocysteins in your body may lead to Alzheimer’s.


On a Friday night in October 1959 the Twilight Zone began and many people were glued to their TV sets. Unfortunately, I was not one of them. Even to this day, I rarely watch a new show.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today’s newspaper came up with what they presumably thought was an astonishing idea. “As someone grows older, their body temperature decreases.” I wonder if anyone from the newspaper, including Anahad O”Conner has ever had a grandfather or visited a nursing home? What many of us feel, as we get older, is cold. I have on a shirt a sweatshirt and a jacket and I am still cold. Of course I am only eighty five so I can’t speak for the elderly. Maybe in five or ten years I will qualify as elderly, who knows.

“disparate impact.’

“Disparate impact” has become a catch phrase for the Obama administration. Just in case you don’t know what he means by this, it means that if a particular group of people don’t score as well as another other group of people, it is proof that the test is discriminating against them. I don’t suppose it ever occurred to him that just maybe some people have had a better education than others, or dare I say are better endowed than others. “Disparate impact.” This proves that the USA is working as our founding fathers wanted it to. Someone who is as clueless as he is can be elected president

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthday Celebration.

January 31,2010

Today is our daughter Alice’s birthday. We called her this morning to wish her a Happy fifty third birthday, and she told us that all is well in Lafayette, California.

Last night we took the other members of our family out to dinner, in celebration of my wife Barbara’s birthday. we went to a Chinese restaurant, Mandarin Szechuan which was really very nice. There were eleven us, including Maynard and Nate. Maynard is our son’s father-in-law and Nate is Rachel’s friend.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tuesday January 12, 2010

It appears that SD is going to get some rain by the weekend, at least that is the prediction, but I won’t make any guesses. I have to see it before I believe it.

Right now it is sunny and warm with a few white wisps of clouds in the sky.

I was reading California Agriculture a free magazine published by University of California. It is a Quarterly magazine that of course devotes itself to agricultural issues.

I first started reading it many years ago and have found it really very interesting in that it covers most fazes of agriculture, research, what is new, what is experimental, what works, natural and human resources. The current issue has articles on health of workers, verticillium wilt, sugar pines, apple moth, depression among low-income workers, airborn particles risks, diabetes among farm workers, strawberry breeding, wine grape production and much more. If you are interested, I will be happy to loan you my copy, or you can subscribe to it at hhtp://



January 14, 2010 San Diego, CA

Everything is going well in San Diego. The big waves didn’t come and the beaches are still there, maybe we are in for a great summer when summer finally comes. Of course when you turn 85 every summer is special and in just thee days that is what I will be.

I hope that this summer I will be able to go to the beach one day.

On Saturday our family will join us at the 94th Aero Squadron for dinner to celebrate my 85th birthday. we selected it because both Barbara and I enjoy going there for dinner and whenever we have something we especially want to celebrate, that is where we go. I guess it is  not only the setting, but the food is very good and dependable.

Last summer we had the pleasure of being with our family for a couple of weeks when we toured Scandinavia, great time was had by all of us. I think the best part wasn’t what we saw, but just the pleasure of being with our children again for thirteen days and to really get a chance to sit down and talk with them about of things we have wanted to discuss with them.

The Anointed One

It seems that when President Obama was campaigning we often heard him say that he was for “Change!”, yet during the eight years when he served in the Senate, the only change we saw was that he was one of the few elected people to serve as a Senator, who rarely, if ever went to the meetings. Why? Because he was so busy running for President, he didn’t have time. Now that he is President, will he have time, or is he running for something else.

He appeared to be running for World Leader when he went to Copenhagen, but that fell flat. There has got to be something that he can do, at least we hope so. Anything else would be better than the changes he wants to foist upon us, universal slavery, or healthcare if you would rather, or maybe government run banking, government ownership of the auto industry. How about taking over the care of our children? That sounds like something he thinks he could do better that we do.

Muslims and Face Covers


Oumeima Naceria a 19 year old Muslim girl said,

Not wearing a face-cover is asking us to go naked in public.”

Others might say,

Thank God I can join the Human race and not hide my beauty.”


HIV and Aids

All the talk about HIV and Aids seems such a waste of time when there is such a simple solution to the problem. Don’t have sex until you are married and don’t get married until you are both tested.


All the fear of the Demon craps for Sarah Palin is pathetic. Why don’t they admit their choice for president is a flop, just as I could have told them he would be. He had a plan on how to become president, but never gave a thought to what he would do if he won. His plan was to copy Regan. Being black helped him with the de3mocrats and the clueless hordes that call themselves independents, because they either don’t know good from evil or they are afraid to take sides  and he was black, not because he was presidential material. Now that he is there he hasn’t a clue as to what to do and goes to Biden another failure to direct him. It reminds me of Clinton caught with his pants down seeking help from Jackson who was later caught in the same position


It is really quite interesting to listen to our politicians extol the virtues of public education and how we must support our schools. However, the reality of it is that most of them send their own children to private schools. Why the hypocrisy?

Simple! That is what gets them elected. TELL THE STUPID FOLLOWERS WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.

Hypocrisy is safer than truth.

I suppose it goes back to parenting 101

Do as I say not as I do!”

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rod’s Blog

Sunday January 10, 2010


Another sunny day in San Diego, with no rain in sight. I suppose this sounds good to you, but we sure could use some good old fashion rain. Our reservoirs are nearly dry and the Colorado River flow is very weak.

Once upon a time we had rain. I can remember as a boy when we would have temporary bridges across the streets so that children could get to school. Now most children in San Diego don’t even own raincoats.


This brings us to another conundrum. Should we continue with what we started when we first said the year two thousand and say two thousand and ten or should we now revert to the old way and say twenty ten like we said nineteen ten ?


Once again the absurdity of the Muslims shows it head. Christian churches were permitted to call God “Allah” by the courts in Malaysia, but many of the Malaysian Muslims say that “Allah is exclusive to their faith.” I suppose we should now say to Muslims when we wish to speak about God, “He who may not be addressed.” or some other such absurdity. It sounds like a bunch of children arguing in a school yard. Perhaps we should tell them they may not refer to Allah as God.


Oh the fairness of the “O” administration shows its ugly head. You may get a fast track to a visa that allows you to come to the United States if you will bring a million dollars with you. Five hundred thousand in some cases, if you meet other criteria's. I suppose this is if you promise to vote as a Demoncrap. There is also one other stipulation. You must invest your money in an economically disadvantaged area. I suppose this means almost any where in the United States outside of Washington D. C. where the gravy train runs full to overflowing.

Have a grate day, if you have a wood stove. Otherwise, just enjoy what you have.