Thursday, July 22, 2010

Denmark 1949

In the year 1948, just before Christmas, I was rushing through the Administration Building on the way to our car and I glanced at one of the signs posted on the bulletin board. I don’t think I was really too interested, but when I got home I asked Barbara how she would like to go to Switzerland to school. She told she would love to. We talked about it and the following Monday I went back to school and found that the sign was Scandinavia, not Switzerland. When I told her, she said, great lets go to Denmark. So the following summer we did, and what a wonderful year we had attending the Universities at Copenhagen and Aarhus and it was an unforgettable year for us.

My purpose in telling you this is that if you have the chance to travel while you are young,  do it, it will change your whole perspective on the world and your life. Best of all, you will love it and you will find things about you that you didn’t dream you were capable of doing.