Friday, April 23, 2010


Do you think that the voters will ever realize that any money they get from Washington is just a small part of their own money given back to them, minus very, very, extreme costs to them? “Never!” You answer? Unfortunately you are probably correct.

Is there a solution? Of course, but you don’t want to hear it, do you?

Let Freedom Ring!

Russia, One hundred people marching in a demonstration to protest the politics of the government are arrested, it seems the government doesn’t like any opposition.

I suppose you Demoncrats hope your cherished leader will show the same boldness and arrest all Republicans.

So much for all Obamamaniacs!!!!

Choice of Mate.

        When you look in a mirror, you naturally see yourself, so it seems to me that after a few years you accept that what you see is really okay, or of course the opposite could also happen in which case you are in real trouble. Eventually you see yourself as the norm from which you evaluate others you see. If you are black, black becomes the base color, if brown, then brown and so on. This accounts for our inherent differences in how we view each other. I remember once watching another person looking at himself in the mirror in what appeared to be total approval, while I thought he was rather gross. He had rather a large stomach, but he was patting it and turned sidewise to view it and he was smiling as if he thought it was handsome. When I was appointed as principal at Stockton, most of the children were black and on my first day I wondered if I would ever be ever be able tell the children apart, as they all appeared to look alike to me. However, in a very short time I wondered why I had ever thought that way. One day one of the children asked me if I was a teacher or the principal, he said, “all you white people look alike to me.” As they saying goes, what goes around, comes around and so it is.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Saddest Day

The saddest day in the life of any politicians is the day he discovers he can make more money being a politician than he can make, as a productive citizen.

HIV President


Here is a title for our president, “HIV President.” Under previous administration people with HIV were excluded from coming to the USA, Obama plans on lifting the ban.

It is wonderful to have a president who looks out for all of us.

Besides, it gets him a few more votes.

Real Money

Between the years 1557-1696 Spain used coins that were made of gold or silver that had a monetary value equal to the value of the metal they were made of, while the rest of the world adopted a representative type of coin or paper.

Pisa Italy had seven types of money they used.