Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Truth

Sometimes it is really difficult to know what is really the truth and what is just opinion.

For example; I voted against Senator Obama for the President, because I felt he was neither prepared for it nor had enough experience. Yet the majority of voters thought he was not only ready, but had all of the necessary skills for the job. Now I must acknowledge that most of these voters were charmed by his eloquence and really probably never asked themselves if he was ready, but there must have been a few Demcraps who wondered about this. But what is the truth about Obama? We can only wait and see. I only wish that the news would stop acting like he is the President and not just the President elect.

I do wish him well though and hope he bides by the advice of some of his more able advisors. Except not Joe Biden who would give him very poor advice, because of his faulty thinking.

It has really been cold in San Diego the last week or so and it appears it will remain this way for the rest of the winter. I suppose we should become snow birds, but California and Florida are the usual destinations for them. Maybe we should try Australia or South America. It is touch to leave SD.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ten Largest Businesses


Wal- Mart

Royal Dutch Shell


General Motors


Daimler Chrysler



What jumps out at you is that five of the companies are oil companies, four are auto makers and the other is a super store. Don't you think this is rather strange? Isn't it also frightening when you realize that outside of government the business of driving our cars fuels our employment and our economy and Detroit is at the center.

I certainly do, especially when I realize that our government is taking over  management of our lending institutions and will soon do the same thing with the bail-outs of the auto industry. With of course the exception of Korean and Japanese auto makers, who have their base in foreign countries.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Can We Agree to Disagree

I wonder if it is possible that we as a nation can ever grow together when we can’t even agree on the most basic and important issue facing us. “The purpose of government.” From my perspective the government is here to protect us from criminal activity, to help us achieve an equality of opportunity and the chance for an individual to develop to the fullest potential he is capable of achieving by providing free public education for all. It seems that the Democrats believe that the primary function is to take care of us from conception until burial and to shield us from anything that might harm our psyche.

If you had to make a choice in life would you rather be a sewer or a sewer? I suppose it all comes down to whether you prefer to stick needles into things or listen to the sound of running water.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Question For Today; In politics is there such a thing as an independent?

It is really hard to believe that anyone can really be an independent. To me to be an independent means that sometimes you believe what the Democrats believe and other times you believe as the Republicans believe. Wishy-washy or Charlie Brownish, whichever you prefer.

To define the differences I will take a simplistic approach that you may not agree with, but you are free to disagree, just don't tell me about it.

It seems to me with my vast knowledge of everything and nothing, is that Democrats believe the government should take care of you (liberal) and Republicans believe the government should allow you to take care of yourself (conservative). If this is accurate, how can a person believe one way one day and another the next day? I don't think you can more than once or twice in your life. The rest of the time you take sides and defend your beliefs.

I can understand why someone might vote for candidates from different parties during different elections, as I have done myself on several occasions. The person that does this does not change core beliefs, but usually votes this way to  support a particular candidate. Someone who appears to have your beliefs, but is misguided in his selection of party. We expect that young people are prone to be liberal, but when you become an adult, have children, own property and become an adult you tend to become more conservative. How else can you retain your wealth.



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Democraps Call for a Depression

I suppose that the Democraps hope they can convince us that we are in either a depression or a recession brought about what they refer to as "the failed policies of the Bush administration", their mantra for the past five years. In reality it was a period of sustained growth that started even before he took office and has continued up to the present time. I realize of course that if you are one of those who has lost his job, you do not wish to think it had anything to do with you and are happy to blame George Bush. In reality when a business fails it is usually because it is no longer needed, how many people feel the need of a buggy whip. Most people who lose their job will have an opportunity to find other work if they really try. In the mean time, they cut on their spending and keep as busy as they can. When I was in college I worked one summer at Sequoia as a house boy and my partner was an elderly woman who hadn't finished high school, but she had a job that paid the minimum, but came with food and housing. My point is that you may not get a second job as good as the one you lost, but eating is better than starvation. Today I saw a sign in a window in Fashion Valley that said HELP WANTED.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Barrack Obama

So we have selected our next president, Barrack Obama! What is it we can expect of and from him? I don’t think we have the slightest idea, but possibly by looking at what we think we know about him we can get some idea of what may happen while he is our president.

First and foremost we all know he is black, but not too black. He is also male, but not too male. He is nice looking, but not too pretty. Young, but not too young. Anything else? Not very much, because there is very little he has done except talk and even in his talk, we have little to go on. Maybe, hope means something like “I hope you won’t look too closely”.

We do know he is married and that he has two daughters and seems to be a fairly decent father and husband. At least when he has time left from his weary hours of running for the next office. Hopefully, being president will keep him out of the running for the next higher office for a while, even though many of his supporters think he may be the next coming.

He is now our president and time will be on his side. I wish him well and wish the U. S. A. well also.