Friday, June 4, 2010

Save the Birds

California legislators pass a law to force companies to get twenty percent of their power from renewable sources by the end of this year and reduce them by one third by the year 2020.

Environmentalists say windmills kill birds and should not be built, that means solar power only. I wonder where the politicians get most of their funds, could it be solar power firms?

Global Warming

Obama’s new proposal to solve global warming is called, “Cap and Trade.” This is just about as dumb as you can get and does nothing to solve global warming, but gives the Demoncraps a whole new way to get donations.

The idea is that you can pollute as much as you desire as long as you buy credits from non-polluting companies.

I hope to set up a company that doesn’t pollute, doesn’t do anything and then sell my non-pollution credits to polluters. My only questions are how do I set up this company and how much will you invest?