Friday, August 6, 2010

Economic Equality and Multiculturalism

The Left Wings two dreams, Economic Equality and Multiculturalism. The premise demands that human expression and lifestyles must be treated equally and should be considered value free.

For example; Mayan science was as good as European science and that we should all share in the wealth equally, no matter how much we each contribute.

This is a great idea if you haven’t accomplished anything.


Do you ever ask yourself the question, “which stocks should I buy?” If this is a concern, let me make a suggestion.

Start with the purchase of ten shares of one of the seventeen most purchased stocks and put them into a Dividend Reinvestment Plan, usually referred to as a DRIP plan.

My first pick was Standard OIL of New Jersey, now called Exxon/Mobil. My first purchase was of ten shares.

It grows over the years with the drip plan.

Why You Need to Vote

In a recent poll, likely voters responded to the question,  What do you see as the biggest threat to the US  economy?

Big government. 53%

Big business. 31%

Big labor. 11%

I don’t know, or there is nothing wrong with the economy. 5%

I personally believe that the economy can be repaired, once we vote out the main threat, President Obama.