Monday, March 29, 2010

Book Keeping

For those of you who are not aware of the terminology of accountants, double entry is made by putting an entry in both the debit and credit side of the ledger.

Rosetta Stone

July 1799 French soldiers discovered the Rosetta Stone. The value was that it had three scripts on it written in Hieroglyphics, Egyptian and Greek, this allowed them to decipher the Hieroglyphics and the Egyptian since they could read the ancient Greek. The Rosetta stone contained a decree by the priests of Ptolemy. Jean-Francis Champillion was the main decipherer.


A government can only give you money that they have taken away from you or someone else.

If you don’t use Tylenol, don’t use it. It contains acetaminophen which will eventually cause you to have kidney failure.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I saw a post in the newspaper that said’ “Serena Williams wins her fifth Australian Open Title and her twelfth Grand Slam Title.”

Maybe someone should give her a  blood test to see if she has been taking male steroids.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rules to Live By!


Waste not, want not!

A penny earned is a penny saved.

Never buy anything on impulse, or think twice before you buy. Ask yourself. Do I really need this, or is it only something that I think I need? An example of this might be an umbrella in San Diego. I have one that I have yet to use.

Employment Stability

Ms Herschmiller, a Kindergarten teacher at Johnson Elementary School in San Diego, has received a layoff notice every year for the six years she has taught.

Hindu Saying

Raising a daughter is like watering your neighbors garden.

Smoking is Worse Than Throat Slashing.

Pub owner Nick Hogan was fined 10,000 pounds and sent to jail for six months when he refused to pay the fine for allowing his customers to smoke. In contrast, a Brighton woman was sentenced to two months in jail for terrorizing a council house and slashing a tenant with a razor.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Public or Private

For many years I have wondered why some public school teachers put their own children in private schools? Is it because they think that most of the other teachers are as bad as they judge themselves to be, or is it that they don’t think they are as good as they believe they are? Either case, I think they should be fired, because if you don’t believe in what you are doing, you really can’t do a good job.

I went to public schools,as did all of my family. Why? Because, that is where you get the best education. With the exception of the nuns who teach for religious reasons most of the other  private school teachers are usually people who weren’t able to get a job in public schools, which have a much better pay scale. Private schools also give children a warped view of life as most of the children who are slightly different, have a different religion or set of beliefs are usually excluded, so the private school student doesn’t have contact with a large segment of society. They probably miss some of the most interesting people.

Now we have many politicos who do the same thing. They put their children in private schools, but claim they support our public schools. It is really sad we elect such double faced idiots to office. Do as I say, not as I do, is their motto.

Why don’t we get some brains and start electing people who really walk the walk and don’t just give us lip service.

Let us start by asking each person who runs for public office which public schools they, their wives and their children either attend or attended.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Our Failing Schools

Politicians love to attack our school system to further their own personal goals. Yet are, our school systems really failing? Actually I would say no, but then they must be, or how could we possibly have people like we now have as our leaders? Can you imagine any well educated person voting for someone who has as little little background in life , poor judgment or lack of experience as Obama has, simply because he gave one good speech over and over again? A speech that he copied from a previous president. Yes, it is believable it if you are a Democrat, after all, your parents probably voted for Roosevelt and Kennedy.


An article in Parade Magazine asked; Can Diet Affect Depression?

It goes on to say, “people who regularly consume fish, fruit and vegetables reduce the chances of suffering from depression.”

This may be true, because the type of person who eats like that, probably is a sane, well regulated person and has control over many aspects of his/her life. I wonder if the writer ever considered that people who eat a diet like that were probably not suffering from depression in the first place? Maybe, that is why they ate like that.

If depression is as simple as to be caused by a chemical imbalance, I doubt very much that diet will correct it unless you know which chemicals are causing your problem and can correct that through what you eat. I believe that is what doctors try to do. However, I think depression is far more complicated than a chemical imbalance and It must start way back in time with the person that suffers. Perhaps the person can’t handle it himself/herself and must seek professional help.

Face Covers,

Oumeima Naceri a 19 year old Muslim said when confronted for covering her face, “not wearing a face-covering is asking us to go naked in public” others may well have said. “Thank God!Now I can join the human race and not be an object of scorn and ridicule.”

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It May Not Be What It Seems!

It has been found that some of the clothing bins you see around the city, with well known charity names on them, are actually owned by used clothing stores that pay the charities for the use of their names. Solution? Call the charity of your choice for pick-up days, or take them in yourself.


I have been reading about the devastation in Haiti from the earthquake and I was reminded of the Long Beach earthquake of the 1930s. I lived in Lynwood which was just north of Long Beach and Compton which were both really demolished. All of the brick buildings in Lynwood were destroyed, schools, stores and churches. The buildings that were made of wood and plaster came through with some damage, but most were still usable. The businesses of Compton moved to a large semi-permanent building that had been used as a summer home for the circus. Each business had a small area where they set up their stores until they could rebuild. It was like a large carnival for the kids, I remember it quite exciting to wander the lanes between the stores.

After the earthquake my brother Bill and I took our wagons uptown Lynwood and picked up bricks from the street and brought them home, where we chipped off the cement and stacked them and the others were used over the years. At that time, we all burned our own trash, none of us had heard about global warming yet, as Al Gore hadn’t discovered it yet. Interestingly, the school I attended appeared to be undamaged, but it wasn’t considered earthquake safe, so it was condemned and torn down. We went to classes in old army tents for several years until it was rebuilt over the old foundation. One time I  found a vent that could be opened and I crawled  under the new building and found the original old stairs to the rear entrance that they had just left where they were and built around them. After that when I wanted peace and quiet, I would crawl under the building and sit on the bottom step. There were two vents close by that gave ample light and it was very quiet, if school was out. I didn’t share my discovery with anyone and as far as I know, no one else knew about the entry as I wouldn’t open  it if anyone was around and as soon as I entered I closed it. I found out early in life that the only secret that remained a secret was one that only you knew. I think it is safe for me to divulge this now, since I am not going back.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Chicken Wings.

Something I could never figure out is why some people with a little bit of intelligence would believe that a chicken bone with a minimum of meat, but with lots of skin was a treat. I am talking about wings of course. I have always found them disgusting, even with adobo sauce. Give me a breast with the skin removed and I will eat it, otherwise, I prefer white breast of turkey with cranberry sauce.