Friday, July 1, 2011

Throwing Rocks at Agents May be dangerous.

June 26, 2011

40 year old Jose Alfredo threw rocks at a Border Agent and was shot and killed by an agent, name not given. The ACLU protested. Maybe they felt the agent should have thrown rocks back.


Under our present policies we have the highest level of unemployment since WWII, creating a great deal of uncertainty about our future. Businesses are sitting on cash and not expanding, because they have no idea where taxes are going and what will happen in the future. It is time that Congress and our President get realistic and do what they are paid to do. Maybe if they could get their juvenile minds off their female interns and start doing their work, we could all realize The American Dream.


If we ever really want to see our country prosper we need to take some bold steps that will probably cause some grief for us in the short term, but will in the long run enhance our economy, create jobs, increase financial growth and make goods more affordable.

Abolish all tariffs and sign free trade agreements with all Pacific Rim countries including Canada, Mexico, all South American countries, Australia, Korea, Japan, China if they really mean it and any other country in the world that touches on the Pacific Rim. We could call it “PACRIMFTA” for Pacific Rim Free Trade Agreement.

Sounds much better than NAFTA.

Doves and Mocking Birds

When I went outside this morning and stood in our driveway waiting for Barbara, I could hear a dove calling and a mocking bird twilling and singing, what a great way to start ones day.

Summer is here, now all we need to do is to go to the beach.


Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke has a brilliant idea. You might wonder how he could have figured this out';

Some of the problems that are slowing the U S economy could persist into the next year.” Duh, what else could happen? Obama might resign, hardly, Obama might find a solution, just as unlikely, I have heard that Michelle has to help him tie his shoes, those pesky overhand knots.

Why We Don’t Have Wills

In a survey done by the respondents gave the following answers as to why they do or don’t have an Estate Plan.

Only 51 percent of adults have Estate Planning Documents.

The 49% who didn’t have plans, gave the following reasons:

44% Time, need to focus on paying my bills.

30% Estate planning is not one of my concerns.

20% The children will get it automatically.

19% Lawyers are too expensive.

11% It isn’t required.

9% Takes too much time.

I’ll bet the respondents would have been very upset if the state had taken their parents estate, because they hadn’t planned ahead.