Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Health Care in the US

December 29, 2009

San Diego is a really great place to live. Sitting in front of the computer I can look out the window and see several of the homes that surround us and they are either a light color or white houses with red tiled roofs. You might think you were in Mexico from these homes, but I think it is much prettier, at least it is cleaner than Tijuana.

Of course my major concern with the present administration is its rapid move towards a Socialistic government and the direction they are taking in their attempt to takeover and destroy Medicare. Obama wishes to control our healthcare plans and replace them with a European type of medicine. Of course this makes a lot of sense if you don’t have any plan yourself, after all you can’t tell when you might get sick in the future. The disruption of our lives and apparent parentalistic attempt to take charge of our healthcare and create himself a legacy.

Barbara and I are completely satisfied with the health plan we now have, which is paying for our doctor visits, part of our medicines and my last hospital stay. Why does our president think he is smart enough to take over our lives and dictate what we should have in the way of healthcare? The idea that one plan suits all is quite ridiculous. Barbara and I didn’t have any health plan when were first married and doctors would come to your home when you were sick. It wasn’t until government saw a chance to control our lives and take more of our money that we started to lose it all.

I remember that prior to World War Two, my father came home from a School Board meeting he had attended and was bemoaning the fact that the board had voted to take money from the Federal Government. He told my mother that they were all fools and that once you accepted the money they would take over our schools and once we became dependent they would tell us what we must teach and what we must do to qualify for the money.

What Obama doesn’t realize, because of his inflated ego and the loving view of himself, is that a great many smarter people than he is worked Medicare out before he was even born. I think he believes the world was created in Hawaii on the day he was born. If you think I am crazy, watch him give a speech and you will see how he watches himself on the monitor with profound admiration in his every move and gesture.

My advice to him would be for him to take his wife and kids on an extended vacation among his worshipers in Europe and let us live our lives in peace, without excessive government interference.

His should remember the rule we learned when we were children; If it isn’t broken don’t try to fix it.

I realize there are many people without healthcare, but when I was growing up, no one I knew had a government sponsored health care plan and we all had access to healthcare when we really needed it. In fact, the doctor would even come to your house when you were too sick to come to him. It took the Democrats less than eight years to cripple it nearly beyond control.

All of you Democrats out there who voted for Obama should be proud of the fact that YOU elected a great orator with no grasp of what the job was about.

Let’s just hope that we survive his repeated blunders. Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, his two most recent disasters. Can you think of one accomplishment that the Hillary has in her “vast experience” other than being loyal to the worst philandering president we have known about? Some credential! I suppose it is unfair of me to judge her as she is a mother after all.