Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthday Celebration.

January 31,2010

Today is our daughter Alice’s birthday. We called her this morning to wish her a Happy fifty third birthday, and she told us that all is well in Lafayette, California.

Last night we took the other members of our family out to dinner, in celebration of my wife Barbara’s birthday. we went to a Chinese restaurant, Mandarin Szechuan which was really very nice. There were eleven us, including Maynard and Nate. Maynard is our son’s father-in-law and Nate is Rachel’s friend.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tuesday January 12, 2010

It appears that SD is going to get some rain by the weekend, at least that is the prediction, but I won’t make any guesses. I have to see it before I believe it.

Right now it is sunny and warm with a few white wisps of clouds in the sky.

I was reading California Agriculture a free magazine published by University of California. It is a Quarterly magazine that of course devotes itself to agricultural issues.

I first started reading it many years ago and have found it really very interesting in that it covers most fazes of agriculture, research, what is new, what is experimental, what works, natural and human resources. The current issue has articles on health of workers, verticillium wilt, sugar pines, apple moth, depression among low-income workers, airborn particles risks, diabetes among farm workers, strawberry breeding, wine grape production and much more. If you are interested, I will be happy to loan you my copy, or you can subscribe to it at hhtp://



January 14, 2010 San Diego, CA

Everything is going well in San Diego. The big waves didn’t come and the beaches are still there, maybe we are in for a great summer when summer finally comes. Of course when you turn 85 every summer is special and in just thee days that is what I will be.

I hope that this summer I will be able to go to the beach one day.

On Saturday our family will join us at the 94th Aero Squadron for dinner to celebrate my 85th birthday. we selected it because both Barbara and I enjoy going there for dinner and whenever we have something we especially want to celebrate, that is where we go. I guess it is  not only the setting, but the food is very good and dependable.

Last summer we had the pleasure of being with our family for a couple of weeks when we toured Scandinavia, great time was had by all of us. I think the best part wasn’t what we saw, but just the pleasure of being with our children again for thirteen days and to really get a chance to sit down and talk with them about of things we have wanted to discuss with them.

The Anointed One

It seems that when President Obama was campaigning we often heard him say that he was for “Change!”, yet during the eight years when he served in the Senate, the only change we saw was that he was one of the few elected people to serve as a Senator, who rarely, if ever went to the meetings. Why? Because he was so busy running for President, he didn’t have time. Now that he is President, will he have time, or is he running for something else.

He appeared to be running for World Leader when he went to Copenhagen, but that fell flat. There has got to be something that he can do, at least we hope so. Anything else would be better than the changes he wants to foist upon us, universal slavery, or healthcare if you would rather, or maybe government run banking, government ownership of the auto industry. How about taking over the care of our children? That sounds like something he thinks he could do better that we do.

Muslims and Face Covers


Oumeima Naceria a 19 year old Muslim girl said,

Not wearing a face-cover is asking us to go naked in public.”

Others might say,

Thank God I can join the Human race and not hide my beauty.”


HIV and Aids

All the talk about HIV and Aids seems such a waste of time when there is such a simple solution to the problem. Don’t have sex until you are married and don’t get married until you are both tested.


All the fear of the Demon craps for Sarah Palin is pathetic. Why don’t they admit their choice for president is a flop, just as I could have told them he would be. He had a plan on how to become president, but never gave a thought to what he would do if he won. His plan was to copy Regan. Being black helped him with the de3mocrats and the clueless hordes that call themselves independents, because they either don’t know good from evil or they are afraid to take sides  and he was black, not because he was presidential material. Now that he is there he hasn’t a clue as to what to do and goes to Biden another failure to direct him. It reminds me of Clinton caught with his pants down seeking help from Jackson who was later caught in the same position


It is really quite interesting to listen to our politicians extol the virtues of public education and how we must support our schools. However, the reality of it is that most of them send their own children to private schools. Why the hypocrisy?

Simple! That is what gets them elected. TELL THE STUPID FOLLOWERS WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.

Hypocrisy is safer than truth.

I suppose it goes back to parenting 101

Do as I say not as I do!”

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rod’s Blog

Sunday January 10, 2010


Another sunny day in San Diego, with no rain in sight. I suppose this sounds good to you, but we sure could use some good old fashion rain. Our reservoirs are nearly dry and the Colorado River flow is very weak.

Once upon a time we had rain. I can remember as a boy when we would have temporary bridges across the streets so that children could get to school. Now most children in San Diego don’t even own raincoats.


This brings us to another conundrum. Should we continue with what we started when we first said the year two thousand and say two thousand and ten or should we now revert to the old way and say twenty ten like we said nineteen ten ?


Once again the absurdity of the Muslims shows it head. Christian churches were permitted to call God “Allah” by the courts in Malaysia, but many of the Malaysian Muslims say that “Allah is exclusive to their faith.” I suppose we should now say to Muslims when we wish to speak about God, “He who may not be addressed.” or some other such absurdity. It sounds like a bunch of children arguing in a school yard. Perhaps we should tell them they may not refer to Allah as God.


Oh the fairness of the “O” administration shows its ugly head. You may get a fast track to a visa that allows you to come to the United States if you will bring a million dollars with you. Five hundred thousand in some cases, if you meet other criteria's. I suppose this is if you promise to vote as a Demoncrap. There is also one other stipulation. You must invest your money in an economically disadvantaged area. I suppose this means almost any where in the United States outside of Washington D. C. where the gravy train runs full to overflowing.

Have a grate day, if you have a wood stove. Otherwise, just enjoy what you have.